Records & Indexing

The Record Room is the repository for copies of all legal documents which have been recorded within the County since its creation in 1637. The public has access rights to these documents and are permitted to make searches. The records are available for public inspection between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. By law, staff cannot conduct a title search, although upon request, the staff will familiarize the public with the indexing method and demonstrate how to use the books and computers.


Preparation to Record
Since December 1988, the recording and indexing of all documents has been computerized which has simplified the indexing process and significantly reduced the turnaround time for recording, copying, and returning documents to senders. Electronic images have been available since May 2001. When a document is received, key information is entered into the computer. It is then assigned a instrument number, and automatically indexed by proper name. Documents are then scanned and archived. Images are then available to the public on computer in our office only, not on the web.

Map Room
Maps of Essex County’s 22 municipalities are filed here along with minor and major subdivisions of property within the County. Paper copies may be obtained for a fee.

  • Acceptance of Streets
  • Assignment of Lease and Rents
  • Assignment of Mortgage
  • Cancellation of Mortgage
  • Certificate of Tax Sale
  • Deed, Declaration of Taking
  • Discharge of Mortgage
  • Disclaimer
  • Federal Lien
  • In Rem Lis Pendens
  • Lis Pendens Amendment
  • Lis PendensLis Pendens Discharge of Release
  • Lis Pendens Foreclosure &
  • Lis Pendens Recover Only
  • Map
  • Mortgage
  • Notice of Settlement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Redemption of Tax Sale
  • Release of Estate Lien
  • Release of Federal Lien
  • Release of Lis Pendens/In Rem Foreclosure
  • Release, Postponement, Subordination, Modification
  • UCC Amendment
  • UCC Assignment
  • UCC Continuation
  • UCC Release
  • UCC Termination
  • UCC 1 First Recording
  • UCC 3 Party
  • Vacation of Roads
  • Veteran Discharge
  • Warrant to Satisfy Judgement
  • Warranty Deed